Shifting coastlines mimic the fluctuating weight of time and how we fall into the sway of its tides in the meeting space of the sweet shore and swelling sea. Songless and vulnerable, its pressures creep eerily out to a seamless horizon, pulled by the tides of everyday.   Any span of time is unavailing in … More Maritime

to myself

Don’t let those pernicious lilies of the valley turn your skin to plaster and break it from the inside out. Though the little, charming blossoms smell like the foggy air beside your grandmother’s walkway and the ruffled white edges are soft like blankets from home, the buds will force their roots into your head and … More to myself


Isn’t it strange how the days walk out of our lives so quietly? They leave without the squeak of feet shifting. With the door left open for the next, each day departs with no thoughts of an unwanted intruder. 


The moon is rather effervescent tonight. It shines brightly through the slit in my window, where the shades don’t quite fall to the wood frame, and onto my face in just the right way.   I was up there once, looking down in wonder, suspended in the lazy atmosphere. When I could no longer take … More Moon 


As this semester (and high school) ends, I’m constantly reminded that I’m walking into the unknown. It’s a very funny time in life, this transition period before college, and I feel very excited to apply my knowledge to the life after this one. Hopefully, I’ll continue to post on this blog, and I’ll continue to … More Farewell?

April 30th

Each breath is uncharted, alone, forgotten, sent into the atmosphere without a doubt or remembrance. They are free in the new air made of pine trees and calm waters, floating into infinity one at a time, as we will be.

April 29th

The house burns;  it glows brightly  inside your lost and lonely mind,  shining with the force of  the best of your old memories  and your hope.